Period Home Restoration Services

The heart of your home, brought back to life.

Period home restoration in the Young Kitchen
Period home restoration refrigerator
Your home isn't just a financial investment

It's a heart investment

Period homes are works of art. The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and the unique design of each one creates beautiful homes built to last.

When homeowners invest in a period home, they often find its original charm has been obscured by various renovations over the years. The attempt to bring a period home “into the present” results in a mish-mash of architectural styles, and the incongruent design does a disservice to the home’s beauty.

If your home is in need of restoration, it’s vital to work with an expert in the field. The care and vision that Karla brings to every project will take a home back to its roots, giving you a spectacular sanctuary that honors the past.

Marrying form and function

Karla understands that homeowners require a certain level of functionality in their home. Her innovative approach to restoration allows room for the authentic and the practical. So while a 1900 Victorian kitchen didn’t have a dishwasher, a clever restoration will incorporate such modern conveniences without interrupting the feel of the original design.

Karla takes each restoration client through a thorough process of discover, education, and collaboration. She’ll start with an assessment of your home, showing you where the original details are hiding, uncovering the intended design and structure of the rooms in need of restoration.

Incorporating your specific functional needs, Karla then collaborates with designers and artisans to create a restoration plan. She will guide you through each step of the restoration, ensuring that every detail is correct. From architectural lines to original period fixtures, your home will be taken back to the beginning.

Anderson Shower Vanity

“Each home requires a sympathetic approach to its original architecture and design, while also maintaining the necessary functions for everyday living.”


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