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What does your museum need to draw in new visitors?

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Karla Pearlstein in the Gamble House kitchen

House museums are a gift to the community

There are two common challenges for house museums in the United States.The first is consistent authenticity. Many house museums retain their original splendor, with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen. The second challenge is visitor decline. Because most house museums are a “one and done” experience, or are limited to a tour that keeps everyone behind velvet ropes, visitors don’t have a lot of incentive to return.

Years of experience

Karla’s years of experience in historical restoration give her an expert eye on what needs to shift in a house museum to create the most authentic and entertaining experience possible. 

A comprehensive approach

If you are the owner, curator or director of a house museum, and you are seeking assistance with visitor engagement or need to discuss restoration needs, contact Karla for a consultation.

Deepwood Museum and Gardens Kitchen stove

Consistency is key to authenticity

House museums have an educational mission, to teach visitors about a style of architecture, a design form, the story of that time period, and the lives of those who lived there. Since each house museum has different goals and needs, Karla consults with the director and assesses specific elements that may need attention, including architectural elements, design interpretations, and visitor experiences.

Creating visitor engagement is key to return visits — Because house museums have been experiencing a decline in attendance, many are in danger of closing their doors. The lack of visitors can be attributed to shorter attention spans, stagnant displays, and a boredom with the “don’t touch, just listen” approach taken by many museums. Karla enjoys collaborating with the museum team to create interactive, unique experiences for visitors to feel more excited about and connected to the house.

Museum Services

Museum Assessments — Karla will consult with you to better understand the house museum mission and visitor engagement goals. She will then provide recommendations and best practices to help you achieve those goals, as well as identify additional courses of action to support the museum’s mission.

Curating and Collection Standards — Karla will assist you with creating or evolving the house museum’s collection policies in order to provide continuity and support for the mission and vision of the space.

Visitor Experience Plan — By assessing your goals and gaining a deeper understanding of the mission, Karla will provide a series of actionable recommendations that increases visitor engagement and enhances the overall experience of the house museum.


“House museums are a treasure to the communities they serve. I love to be a part of helping these special places envision ways to elevate the visitor experience and encourage more engagement.”


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