Bring the past into the present,


Restoration services for vintage homes and house museums

Restoring History in the kitchen
Restoring history in a bathroom sink

Authentic restoration requires expertise, vision, and passion.

Whether working with residential homes or house museums, Karla Pearlstein brings more than 20 years of experience to every project.

Reflections of a place in time

It starts with the right clients. Those who see a home as a reflection of a place in time, who value their role as stewards of the home’s identity, story, and context in history.

A comprehensive approach

Karla takes homeowners and house museum directors through a multi-faceted process, including an initial assessment, a design plan, hiring the right contractors, and sourcing authentic materials. 

Restoring history in a kitchen

Period Home Restoration

Restoring a home to its era can be an overwhelming experience. Karla helps you discover the original story of your home and develop a restoration plan, and then takes your home back to its roots—without sacrificing the modern functionality you need.

House Museums

Providing a period-authentic experience for house museums visitors requires an expert’s attention to detail. Karla conducts a thorough assessment, creates and implements a restoration plan, and assists you with developing a more interactive and engaging visitor experience.

Restoring History in Deepwood estates kitchen

“The goal is to strike a balance between preserving the historical elements and story while making it functional and desirable for people who have different needs today”



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