Nate and Molly’s Kitchen: Sinks, and Floors, and Lighting, oh-my!

The kitchen sink was in really poor shape. Molly and I discussed the possibility of finding a replacement that was in better shape, but we both felt it would be too disruptive to the historic tile to attempt to replace the sink. Instead, Nate and Molly opted to have their sink refinished by Stanley Tub. The sink lost it’s dull, stained, worn appearance and once again looks bright white. Molly understands that this finish is not as tough as the original porcelain, it is more like an auto body paint and may need to be touched up or even redone in time. When using a refinished sink, it’s important to use a sink mat or kitchen towel to put dishes on when you sit them in the sink, and use Bon Ami Cleanser, never an abrasive cleanser or Brillo pad to clean the sink.

Fixing the damaged tile on the counter-top has entailed a huge search for a V-Cap tile that matches the profile of the original. Molly has sought out V-Caps on the web, in throughout Portland, and she has even gone all the way up to Seattle in her search. Finally she found the tile she needed, along with a good color match for the blue glaze as well. Once the replacement V-Cap tile has been ordered and installed, and the counter top has been re-grouted, much of the imperfections and damage will disappear. Molly will have a beautiful, clean, and historic counter to work on! And Mike is working on a work station designed for Nate’s needs too.

Nate and Molly removed the old vinyl “do-it-yourself” brown flooring that had been on their kitchen floor when they purchased their home. They were hoping that the old growth fir could be restored. However, they encountered an area where the floor had been extended with plywood. So they had to consider their options. They ended up using a warm red-toned marmoleum, which works with the wood elements in their kitchen, and also pulls in the pink feature tile on the counter top. The new floor makes a world of difference in their kitchen.

On the up-side, there is one chain light in their kitchen that Molly likes a lot. The rest of the lighting includes a 70’s ball shade light, a florescent, and an “exterior security” style wall light above their stove. After exploring numerous options with me, Nate and Molly decided to replace the 70’s ball and the florescent with three “School House” style lights. They are keeping the simple chain light that hangs over their sink. and will find another one like it to replace the “exterior security” style light.

Nate and Molly’s kitchen has come a long way since the project started. Mike Edeen is about ready to install new cabinets and put the panels and trim around the dishwasher. We’ll talk more about that in our next blog entry. This kitchen that everyone thought to be beyond hope is starting to blossom!

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