Fox’s Victorian Kitchen: A Restoration Done Right!

The Fox’s Victorian kitchen remodel was completed earlier this year, and it is an amazing sight.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and after the reproduction icebox Kim and Roy Fox had hoped to purchase was no longer available, another approach had to be found. The solution came in the form of separate Liebherr refrigerator and freezer components. Kim and Roy purchased the two components, and had Brendon Powell of Mountain View Door and Woodworking build an icebox shell and doors to go around them. The antique icebox hardware was the finishing touch bringing everything together. People have come into Kim and Roy’s kitchen, looked around, and said “Gee, where’s the refrigerator?” In most cases they were standing right next to it!

Kim and Roy Fox have done a remarkable job with their kitchen and pantry. When they started out, they had a ubiquitous 1980’s kitchen with little original fabric remaining. They were open to learning about how kitchens were used during the time period of their home and putting back what had been long demolished. They also found creative ways to integrate modern amenities so that they would not compromise the period look of the kitchen or pantry. Both rooms have beautiful highly detailed wood working by Brendon Powell. This kind of craftsmanship is a rare sight indeed. Combined with the rest of the house, it is truly a restoration done right.

Kim and Roy have been a joy to work with, and the journey has been one of learning for all of us. I am grateful to the Foxes for their commitment to “do it right” and the opportunity to develop a friendship and be of service to them. The Foxes are very special people, and those yet to be born will thank them for the gift they given through the restoration of this wonderful home.

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