Nate and Molly’s Kitchen: In the Beginning… 1920’s meets 1970’s

2010 02 11 Image 01Nate and Molly have a wonderful 1905 home. They consider themselves stewards of this wonderful historic resource, and wish to honor the interesting story that this home has to tell. Initially, they did not know what their options were other than what is so commonly heard throughout the media…. which is “rip it all out to the studs and put in the latest kitchen style… Make it personal to you!” This approach to kitchens runs counter to the preservation ethic of conserving historic building fabric (50 years or older). It creates a state of “cognitive dissonance” with the rest of a historic building, unnecessarily puts huge amounts of building materials in the waste stream, and costs homeowners tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Historic kitchens can be repaired with creative solutions and made to contend with contemporary demands.

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