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Karen’s Kitchen: Details, Details, Pulling it All Together

Karen chose lovely red marmoleum for the floor, and a warm yellow for the walls. As was done in the 40’s, she utilized left over marmoleum from her floors for her counter tops. She also decided to use wallpaper to create even more of a period feel. She chose one … Continue reading

Karen’s Kitchen: Vintage Chambers Stove Takes the Stage, Modern Dishwasher stays out of sight…

Karen purchased a panel ready, fully integrated dishwasher that could be totally hidden, thus blending seamlessly into the kitchen. She also decided to grace the kitchen with a 40’s Chambers stove. Restoring History sourced the stove for Karen, and it makes a huge statement in the kitchen. People love it!

Karen’s Kitchen: Old and New Cabinets blending into One Period Kitchen

In order to achieve the 40’s look we wanted, attention needed to be paid to the sink. The sink was new, but had hootie ring that was typical of sinks of this period. New sinks that have hootie rims are uncommon, and usually found only in the commercial category of … Continue reading

Karen’s Kitchen: 40’s Kitchen Revival Started

To save on costs, Karen and her family did the demolition themselves. They pulled out all of the 70’s cabinets and brought the kitchen down to the studs. Mike Edeen, a fabulous craftsman, was willing to work with the salvaged cabinets and create some new ones to match the old. … Continue reading

Karen’s Kitchen: Where does One Even Start?

Karen had one of the most dismal kitchens one can imagine. 1970’s dark plastic fake wood laminate over particle board. She hated her kitchen, had a limited budget and very few options. Her kitchen was a dark, ugly, and depressing space. The dropped ceiling, florescent lighting, and dark cabinetry gave … Continue reading