Karen’s Kitchen: Where does One Even Start?

2013 01 08 Image 01Karen had one of the most dismal kitchens one can imagine. 1970’s dark plastic fake wood laminate over particle board. She hated her kitchen, had a limited budget and very few options. Her kitchen was a dark, ugly, and depressing space. The dropped ceiling, florescent lighting, and dark cabinetry gave it an oppressive feel. ┬áIt was one of the last major areas in need of restoration in her lovely bungalow. She had spoken with contractors about redoing her kitchen, but their prices were well out of her range. She was working with a very tight budget and none of the contractors were able to help her given what she had to spend.

2013 01 08 Image 02So she purchased a set of vintage cabinets off of Craigs list, hoping that maybe the salvaged cabinets would stretch her budget. But she could not find a contractor who would install them. The contractors she contacted did not want to work with salvaged materials. So she approached me about purchasing the cabinets to get them out of her garage.

I took a look at the cabinets and noted that they were ca 1940’s, and full of great potential. They were built with good quality old growth fir, and well constructed. I told her that I would NOT buy the cabinets, but instead she would KEEP them and TOGETHER we would use them to create a lovely period kitchen for her. She was both hopeful and unsure all at the same time, but she was willing to work with me.


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